Doctor looks at camera with young family in background, disability and critical illness

Disability and Critical Illness Insurance protects your greatest asset.

Many people think their greatest asset is their house or their car. But your greatest assets is actually your health and your ability to earn income. Over your lifetime, this usually generates more than anything else you might invest in. Life insurance is about protecting your family. Disability and critical illness insurance is about protecting yourself.

A life altering illness can happen to anyone and at any time. Critical illness insurance provides a lump sum of money should a major illness impact you. Survival rates for heart attacks, cancer and strokes are going up each year—but the costs of dealing with recovery remain high.

Critical illness insurance not only covers heart attacks, cancer and strokes. It can also covers twenty-seven other illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, ALS, kidney failure, and paralysis. Without added financial stress, you can focus on getting better. The insurance money is yours to use however you feel is most beneficial. Many people find that it’s a key source of funds for basic expenses such as their mortgage or additional medical expenses like home care.

Personal disability insurance makes sure that your income will be replaced if you are injured on or off the job. It can provide a much needed paycheque while you take time to recover. The inability to work can be a huge financial burden for you and your family. Many bankruptcies are a direct result of loss of income due to disability.

We are here to help you find the best coverage. Speak to an AAM Financial advisor about how to protect your greatest asset today.